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We know you’ve heard that you should get measured in order to find out your correct bra size and we wanted to explain why the band size can be particularly important.  As the band size goes up, so does the cup size, which can make a big difference, especially for AA cups.  For example, a 34AA cup is smaller than a 36AA cup.  Bra cups are graded in relation to each other and the band size so not all cup sizes are created equal!

And, although while measuring your band size you should round up to the next even number since the bra bands come only in even numbers (32, 34 etc), there are definitely women who measure more accurately as an “odd” size, meaning a 35 instead of a 36.  What does this mean if you fall into this category?  Well, for example, if you measure 35 around and are an AA cup, depending on the bra and how it is cut, you might be able to go down to a 34AA bra in some styles while having to wear a 36AA bra in others.

The most important thing is to examine the fit.  Like jeans, you may have to try on many different bras in order to find one with a good fit.  And, sometimes, you may have to try a different size than you normally wear because of the way the bra is cut or sized so don’t feel like this is unusual or that you are one size and only that one size in a bra.small bust band measurement

By: Ellen Shing