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We had a good laugh with a friend the other day when she was wondering what had happened to her bra and why it was suddenly so loose (weight loss?  tossed in the dryer too often?) and seemed to have become ill-fitting.  After several back and forth conversations, it finally came to light that she had been playing tennis in her favorite bra (it was the Biatta Molded Cup Bralette, which is not a sports bra)!  And, when she got the new replacement Biatta, which was the identical bra she’d been playing tennis in, she breathed a sigh of relief that the bra still fit very well and was no longer loose.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with getting some exercise in your favorite T-shirt bra but you should bear in mind that our bodies are nearly 100 degrees and bras are almost made completely of elastic material.  Body heat plus elastic will equal stretching and hence this is why the band, the straps etc all get stretched out over time, even if you do not put the bras in the dryer.  So, if our day to day body temperature causes the bra to stretch out, you can only imagine why going on a 10 mile hike in 80 degree weather wearing your regular bra could cause your bra to break down faster.

Bottom line is all bras will stretch out over time and, some of us, who run hotter by nature or who just like to run in our regular bras, will need to replace the bras sooner than later!

By: Ellen Shing