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While dimples are cute on babies or on the hunky neighbour you’ve been eyeing, they are most definitely not a welcome sight on your favorite bras!  What can cause these bra dimples. big and small?

  • Normal wear and tear and the foam just not holding up anymore. 
  • Putting the bras in the dryer where the heat damages the foam. 
  • For women with small busts, there is the common situation where the cups are dented because there is quite a bit of space between you and the bra and after a while the cups cave in (in this situation we recommend you try to find better fitting bras as, over time, these types of dents will not come out). 
  • Not reshaping your bras when they’re still wet before you hang dry. 

So, in the case where it’s not from wear or tear (in which case you will just have to replace the bra), we’d like to teach you a simple trick to go from here:


All you need to do when your bra is still wet, either from handwashing or machine washing (use either cold or warm water in the machine), is:

  • Reshape the cups carefully to look like what you want it to look like when it’s dry.
  • Hang it on a hanger with the cups facing you. 

The bra is going to dry in the shape that it came out of the wash so if you just spend a minute pushing out the dents that might’ve formed while it is still wet, you will get the original shape back in the cups!

By: Ellen Shing