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At Lula Lu, our regular visitors include post-nursing moms who have experienced changes in their breast size.  Many of them share a similar story.  “I just stopped breast feeding and now I can’t even fill my A cup bras!” Or, “I was a B cup before breastfeeding 2 kids and now I must be an AA or AAA cup!”  They’ve come to us to help them find a small bra that fits their new size, whether it is a 32AA, 34A or 36AA.
What sorts of styles do we recommend for our post-nursing customers? Many of them have breasts that are lower and fit demi cups best. Some popular styles including the following.

If you are a new mother who has finished nursing and who has experienced a change in bra size, call us to schedule a bra fitting appointment as we may have the perfect fitting petite bra for you!

By: Ellen Shing