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Why are Bra Extenders Sometimes Necessary for Achieving the Best Fit?

Not everyone fits the standard petite bra band sizes. Sometimes a bra may fit you well in the cups but the band isn’t quite right. For example, if you find yourself fitting the cups of a 34AA in a particular style but need the band on the 36AAA of the same style (and for some reason the cups on the 36AAA just did not work as well on you), then you might want to consider trying a bra extender on the 34AA. This will give you a little extra room in the band which might be just what you need.
Another reason for using a bra extender would be to increase the comfort level of a new bra. A customer recently purchased our Lula Lu Petites Fleur Demi Cup Bra in a 32AA and included a bra extender with her order. She mentioned that she likes the little bit of extra room the bra extender gives her with new bras. Since all bras stretch-out over time, she only uses the bra extender temporarily to reduce the “tighter” feel of a new bra.

What are Bra Extenders?
Bra extenders are additional hooks and eyes that attach to your bra’s existing hooks and eyes. By adding a bra extender to your bra, you give yourself a little extra room in the band. You technically can add between 1-3 inches to the circumference of the under bust measurement of your petite bra. You can find bra extenders in a variety of colors including white, black and neutral and sometimes even pink.

Why are Bra Extenders so Useful?
Our bodies are always changing and sometimes these changes can effect our band size. Having the flexibility to add a bra extender can save you money by keeping your current bras in use (i.e. while you are pregnant) versus running out to buy a bunch of new bras with a new band size every time a change occurs.

Where to Buy Bra Extenders?
Most lingerie boutiques will carry a few different options in bra extenders. At Lula Lu, we carry both 1 Hook Bra Extenders and 2 Hook Bra Extenders. Sometimes it can be difficult to match up the hook/eye placement on 2 hook bras so some customers will purchase the 1 Hook Bra Extenders to use on both their 1 Hook and 2 Hook bras.

By: Ellen Shing