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Removable pads, cookies, falsies, chicken fillets, silicone inserts… When it comes to cleavage enhancement options for your small bra, there are a lot of options available. But, how do you know which ones to use and what is the difference from one to the other? At Lula Lu we have a few ideas for our petite bra friends and would like to give you some advice where to start.

Removable pads, sometimes referred to as “cookies” or “chicken fillets” are small oval shaped pads manufactured in a variety of styles, including sealed bags containing air, water or some form of liquid or gel, or semi-rigid materials such as molded polyurethane foam. These are designed to be placed inside a bra pocket or tucked under your breast to give you some lift.

The Magic Boost Push-up Pads 2 by Braza works well when you just need a small, not too heavily padded push-up pad. It can also be sewn into some bras, swimwear and sports tops.

Some bras are sold with removable pads options like our Lula Lu Petites Convertible Racerback.

It’s a good idea to try these bras on with and without the removable pads as your silhouette may change, depending if the cookie is in place or not. Often times these bras look best with the pads left in but depending on your body it could work both ways. These bras are also really great for women that have uneven breasts because you can remove the pad from one side to create a more even silhouette or even double up on the cookies on one side.

For women looking to enhance their cleavage for special occasions or to suit the style of a low cut top or dress. Fashion Forms Silicone Push-up Bra Pads are a great option. They hug your natural curves and have a built-in “shelf” to help increase your cleavage.

So there you have three great quick and easy options for enhancing cleavage.