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Are you wearing the best top that flatters your body shape? Many women are aware of their body shape, but do not dress to the best of their potential. Here are the four basic shapes for women that could help you narrow down that perfect piece for you:

  • Banana Body Shape: you have a banana shaped body if your waist is less than 9 inches different from your bust or your hips.
  • Pear Body Shape: you are a pear if your hips are larger than your bust.
  • Apple Body Shape: you are an apple shape if your bust measurements are larger than your hips
  • Hourglass: You have an hourglass shape if your bust measurement is roughly the same as your hip measurement.

What to Wear for Your Body Type:

Banana Body Shape



  • Tops with details, ruffles, and large prints
  • You can accessorize with necklaces and scarves
  • Jackets with a cinched in waist
  • Flowing and soft fabrics around the extremities


  • Vertical lines
  • Clingy fabrics or fitted clothing
  • Bulky clothing
  • Dropped waistlines

Pear Body Shape

pear top


  • Wearing brighter colors on top than your bottom
  • Tops with interesting details to draw attention
  • Empire waist  and wrap dresses


  • too tight tops
  • attention grabbing details on pockets of the hips and the thighs

Apple Body Shape

apple body tops


  • Longer tops that end over your hips
  • Darker colors on top of your body
  • V necks to visually separate the top of your body


  • empire tops and dresses
  • tops that are too long


hourglass gop


  • V neck tops will look great on you
  • Short fitted jackets will show off your curves
  • Fitted tops will also flatter your figure


  • volume enhancing details like ruffles
  • Baggy tops, tunics, and empire line tops
  • high necklines that hide your waist

No matter what your size is, one thing that would make you look great is a very well fitting bra. Especially for smaller sized women, it is important to have lingerie that flatters your shape. You can find an array of different bras for smaller busted women at Lulalu.com.

By: Ellen Shing