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Generally speaking, for AAA,  AA and A cups, you do not need an underwire.  In fact, sometimes wearing an underwire bra with a tight fitting top when you’re small causes those “smiley faces” under your bust.   So, there are definite instances when it’s good to have an non-underwire bra.

What we tell our store customers is that, yes, it’s true you don’t need the underwire, but what you get from purchasing an underwire bra is the selection that you have versus non-underwire. 

Our bestselling non-underwire bra is the Lula Lu Petites Delilah Wireless Bra pictured below.

34AA bras

Another one of our bestselling, non-underwire styles is the Wireless Push-up Bra.  It features a very light bump pad with a soft microfiber fabric.

 Petite Bra

By: Ellen Shing