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So you finally found that perfect small bra and then comes the time when you need to wash it.  Should you hand or machine wash?  Well, they say American women own more bras than European women because American women don’t like to hand wash their bras.  Whether this is true or not, hand washing can help extend the life of your favorite bra but, if you’re like a lot us here at Lula Lu, you may be feeling lazy and would rather machine wash your bras.  You can get away with using the washing machine as long as you observe a few rules.

First of all, use a lingerie bag to avoid getting your bra snagged and stretched out by whatever else is in the laundry that day.  And, only use warm or cold water, never hot.

Now this is the most important part — do NOT put your bra in the dryer.  The dryer is what wrecks your bra the fastest.  Instead, hand dry your bra and reshape your cups so they’ll look perfect when it’s all dry and ready to wear again.

Hopefully, your husband, boyfriend, kids don’t forget the above rules and toss your bras in the dryer!!

By: Ellen Shing