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Don’t Wear This if You are Over 16

If you need to find a AA bra, then you have most likely faced the daunting task of finding a bra that fits.  Sometimes when the going gets really tough, you may wind up eyeing or even purchasing girls or kids bras (if some sales person didn’t already suggest you go there).  However, this may not be the best choice when it comes to getting the right bra that fits your adult body type.   What may add to the confusion is that, at least online, when you see the kids/girls bras, it is usually pictured on someone akin to a grown woman.  The reason for that is because it is illegal to feature a child in lingerie online.

Below are some reasons why you shouldn’t wear girls/kids bras when you are simply seeking a smaller busted bra that fits.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Girls Bras

One of the biggest differences that girls/kids body types have with women’s bodies is their shape of their backs. Since kids are still growing, the bras are designed for their back, which is more straight up and down.  Women’s backs, by comparison, are more curved and thus the design of the bra is different.  You will find that even if a girls/kids bra is marked 34AA, it will not fit around the band like a woman’s bra that is sized 34AA.  Most of the time, the girls/kids bras will be much narrower than the woman’s bra in the same band size because it is reflecting the build of a girl.

Another reason why you will find that girls/kids bras fit awkwardly is because the cups are often set much closer together than on women’s small cup bras.  Thus, not only will the band be tighter in your size but the cups will be set so close that it will cut into the sides of your breasts, which indicates a poor fit.   Again, the reason for this is that the girls/kids bras are designed for a completely different build, including the breasts.

Girls/kids bras also live up to their namesake–you will be wearing something created for someone much younger. If you are looking for a bra for a special occasion (think sexy black lace for a special night), you will not have any options. The better choice would be to go with a woman’s bra but sized for a smaller busted woman’s needs in mind.

What are Better Alternatives?

It might seem that when you’re smaller busted that the retail world is against you.  And, yes, to a certain extent it is, especially if you would like to try a small bra on at a store.  But, you are not completely without options!

There are alternatives, such as Lula Lu Petites, which was designed for women with smaller busts, including AAA cups. Check out our selection of bras specifically tailored for small busted women at Lula Lu!

by Ellen Shing