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Are you small busted and have problems finding the right bra?  You are not alone.  Ellen Shing, owner of Lula Lu, went through this exact problem and is now helping small busted women women around the world  find a bra that fits.  Watch the video and learn how small breasted women can find the perfect bra!

Hi, my name is Ellen,I’m the owner of Lula Lu. Lula Lu specializes in AAA, AA, and A cup bras. I started the business about eight and a half years ago,and partially it was due to a very bad shopping statements which I’m sure you can relate to.  I had gone to the mall and went to two department stores and couldn’t find anything in a basic t-shirt bra.

So I started to Lula Lu to address the problem.  Since I opened Lula Lu, my staff and I have fitted thousands of women and also helped thousands more over the phone or via email regarding their bra fitting issues and questions, and over the course of  time there seem to be three  topics that seemed to come up regularly:

1. You Are Not Alone

The first one is that a lot of you feel alone. You try to talk to your friends or family about being small breasted and not be able to find a bra and what you hear back is “oh you’re really lucky, you don’t have to even wear a bra!”, and although it is true,right? We are lucky in that way, we can oftentimes get away without wearing a bra, which is much more comfortable.

The fact remains that we still have to go to work, we have to go to the grocery store, we have to hang out with friends, or go to parties,  and in those situations, we have to have different kinds of bras for those kinds of different outfits– and then on top of that, we still are women, and as women, we want the same choices that other women have for makeup and shoes and clothing and, of course, in bras– which brings me to the second topic I wanted to discuss today, which is the one that I think every single person who we’ve ever spoken to  has said that they hate–which is shopping for bras.

2. Shopping for Bras

When you go to the department stores or even to the specialty stores in the mall they most likely don’t have any selection and if they do have some bras, they are probably heavily padded.

On top of that, the fitters of and don’t understand our body types, which means that they may be well-intentioned but they sometimes put us into the wrong size and I’m not criticizing the fitters, I think they’re trying to do the best they can to help you but sometimes they’re limited by the product selection that’s in the market.

So all this adds up to when you do go shopping for bras, you wind up feeling less than, you feel less feminine, you feel less good about yourself, and what I tell a lot my customers is that it’s not you– it’s the bra–or in this case, the lack of a bra.

3. You Can Look Beautiful and Sexy in Lingerie

The last thing is that you can look beautiful and sexy in lingerie when you do come to our website, and see  pictures of women in your size in pretty lingerie, it makes you emotional and its makes them feel like wow! you know I can look good in lingerie too!I think it’s because in the media we all see women with big breasts when we see women in lingerie, that’s the visual we have and then on top of that because there’s no products for us to even try on, so  you don’t know what it should look like on someone who is a AA or AAA Cup.

If you’re feeling alone and feeling frustrated about being small breasted just know that you’re not alone,and that there really isn’t anything wrong with your body. Over the last 10 years that I have been watching the retail market for small size bras, it seem that there’s less election ,actually, at the department stores and the mall.However the good news is that there are a lot of boutiques out there that supports and understand the small sizes, but your best bet is probably online–there are more options now online, which I know can be difficult, because when you shop online for clothes or shoes or anything like that it can be very difficult to fit.

The last thing is that you can look beautiful and sexy in lingerie, but of course, you need to find products that fit your body type. an accentuate what you have.

Thank you for watching this video, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below, and we’d love for you to subscribe to our channel or visit LulaLu.com, we plan have a lot more videos coming out and we’d love to have you as a part of them. Thank you!