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Organic is not only a label that can apply to your fruits and vegetables–it is now also applicable to your clothing! For many years, going green has been a movement for many people, whether they did it out of a desire to save the planet or a desire to live a more healthy lifestyle.

The Benefits of Organic Cotton Clothing


Care for Clothing

One of the benefits of organic cotton clothing is that it is great for sensitive skin. Even if you do not have skin sensitivities, organic clothing is free from any chemicals that might otherwise harm you from long-term exposure.  In addition to cotton, organic clothing can be composed of jute, silk, or wool.

One of the biggest benefits of organic cotton is that it does not have any pesticide residues. As you may or may not know, exposure to pesticides may include side effects, such as birth defects, weaker immune systems, and reproductive disorders.

Organic Cotton Bras

Lula Lu Petites Organic Cotton Bra

Because it is one of the most intimate pieces of clothing for a woman, a bra, as it is, can be difficult to select.   In order to prevent being exposed to unnecessary pesticides that could cause health problems, start with an organic cotton bra, such as Lula Lu’s Delilah Wireless bra.  Made with organic cotton, it provides exactly the comfort and fit you are looking for in a small bust bra.  Many customers have remarked that it was the most comfortable bra that they’ve worn and that it fit their body well.

Organic Cotton Panties

PACT Underwear

If our most important clothing is the ones we wear the closest to us, then you may also want to consider organic panties.

Where to Buy:

You can find organic underwear and fund microloans to low-income communites at PACT.  BGreenApparel also gives you many affordable options when it comes to getting the most comfortable underwear while saving the planet. If you really want to be more eco-conscious, there are also bamboo blends that you can also try.

Organic Cotton Sleepwear

Organic Cotton Pajama Set

The last piece of organic lingerie you may want to consider is organic sleepwear.

Where to Buy

You can find comfortable and sexy pajama sets online at stores like Garnet Hill or yoga-centric clothing companies like Gaiam. You can also easily find mix and match pieces of organic cotton sleepwear at your local Nordstrom’s or Barney’s.

They are slightly more expensive than normal pajamas, but you will be doing your skin a big favor and they are working overtime to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Organic cotton clothing has many benefits for people with sensitive skin or people who just want to wear more breathable and comfortable clothing without the effects of harmful chemicals. Organic bras, panties, and sleepwear are all great options for a better day and a restful night.