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Not all small busted girls are size XS.


While many A cup celebrities are almost always thin, A cup women in real life come in various sizes and shapes. Not only are there A cup women who are thin, but there are also plus-sized women who are A cups.

Not All Small Cups are on Small Frames

The original bra size fitting chart that most bra companies use features combinations that are more difficult to fit.  For example, sizes that are unusual are most likely bras with big cup sizes and small bands, such as a 32DD, or a small cup size with a bigger band, such as a 38AA.   Being on the opposite side of either spectrum can be a challenge.  But fear not, you are not alone in this quest for the perfect fit!

Where to Find 38AA Bras

Lula Lu Petites began when Ellen Shing, founder, was not able to find great lingerie in small sizes. It is difficult being a woman with a small bust to find the right bra size. Being someone with a small cup size and a bigger band width is even more difficult in this case.  But  it is not impossible to find something that fits. If you are shopping at physical stores,  JCPenny stocks bra sizes up to size 50 bands, and Lane Bryant stocks for bras up to a 46 band size. If you are specifically looking for a  38AA or 38A bra size, which are difficult to find because the general assumption is that if you have a bigger band size then your breasts must also be bigger, Lula Lu carries many styles in both 38AA and 38A .  These different styles include sheer cups, wireless, demis, and stretch lace, so that you’ll always feel sexy in your lingerie.