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by Ellen Shing

Flappers Rocking their Stylish Selves

As celebrated by the flappers, small breasts were in fashion in the 1920’s, as much as they are  still today in the high fashion world. Having small breasts was esteemed by the flappers because it symbolized an independent and free-spirited woman who knew her worth. Flapper fashion was rebellious and liberating, and perhaps, not coincidentally, happened during the same time as the Roaring 20’s.

What can we learn from our flapper grandmothers? Being comfortable with yourself, celebrating your uniqueness, and setting your own style are just a few of the perks of a woman who loves her body.

The flappers were revolutionary in their ideology and they reflected their inner beliefs in their clothing.  They idealized a slim figure by taping down their breasts and hemming up their skirts. Gone was the regency’s style of layers upon layers of constrictive clothing. The new flapper silhouette was best captured by Coco Chanel’s style, who is still considered a fashion icon today.

1.Being Comfortable with Yourself

Flappers were unapologetic about who they were and it reflected in their fashion–they were expressing their inner desire to be free and equal. They dressed more comfortably than their Victorian counterparts and selected dresses that were much less restrictive than the norm of the day–corsets. They were making a political statement as much as a fashion statement. Because of the flappers, women could vote,and added to the constitution the 19th Amendment which protected their daughters’ freedoms and rights.

2. Defining Yourself

Flappers were raging against the Victorian ideals of the 1900’s that women should only be homemakers or housewives. The flappers started sporting a short bob, shorter dresses, started smoking, and working alongside men, defying stereotypes of the day. They were claiming their freedom for themselves and weren’t about to have a man define who they were. Defining yourself as a woman free from the fashion restraints of the day is something admirable and something we can all learn from the flappers.

3. Setting Your Own Style

When you’re small-busted, you are blessed with options to try out tops of almost any size. You’ll have the freedom to cover up and the freedom to wear that low cut top while still looking classy. Don’t be fooled by the media’s obsession with big breasts if you really aren’t built that way. Loving yourself and being confident with your body is part of the path to being happier with your life and attracting the right friends and partners into your life.