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by Ellen Shing


With the start of every New Year, there’s the question of “What are your new year’s resolutions?”  From promising to finally use that gym membership you’ve had sitting around for the past 5 years to learning a second language, resolutions often seem like a great starting point to a better you.   For 2014, we’ve made a list of resolutions that are easy and fun to keep!

1)       Reorganize your lingerie drawer

Like most women, your lingerie drawer is probably so full that you can barely shut it.   The first step, aside from admitting that you have a lingerie problem, is determining how much of your collection actually gets used.   The old, the holed and the unflattering should be the first to go.  Lingerie should make you feel beautiful and if what you are wearing underneath your clothing doesn’t make you feel good on the inside, it will show on the outside. The second step would be to ditch the bras and panties that you’re hanging on to because they are pretty but do not fit.  Yes, the bejeweled bra that is a size too small seemed like a gorgeous idea at the time but if you haven’t worn it by now, you never will.  Now I present to you, extra space in your drawer (you may not recognize it since it’s been so long since you’ve seen it).


2)     Have a proper bra fitting

Statistics show that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. For something we wear every single day, this should be the one item that we know fits properly.  Most of us are guilty of going years without a proper bra fitting and although some of us have been fit in the past, our bodies change. We, as women, often become fixated on a particular size that we turn a blind eye to the fact that we may be wearing the wrong size. The size on the label says nothing about who we are as a person and if that number bothers us, we can always remove the tag! Remember, it is always important to be re-sized after weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy and nursing.


3)     Take better care of  your lingerie

We all know that lingerie is delicate and should be handled differently when washed.  However, we should be consistent with how we care for our bras.  The lifespan of lingerie can be dramatically increased just by proper care.  While we are all guilty of putting our bras in the washing machine, hand washing really is the best way to ensure your bras are being handled delicately.  In 2014, let’s vow to hand wash our undergarments in lukewarm water, using lingerie detergent and ALWAYS hang dry.2011_bras-hanging-on-a-line-628x419

2014 is going to be a great year and, instead of making extreme diet resolutions, we should focus on making ourselves happy.  We all come in different sizes and shapes and should embrace the bodies we have.  Let’s stop looking to celebrities, models and the media to tell us how we should look and start loving ourselves as we are.  Happy New Year!