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Jacqueline Kennedy

Is it a coincidence that the most fashionable women in the world are small busted? Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the first lady, was a small busted woman–she was a 36A. While this cup size is quite unique, you’re not alone–you are sharing a body type with one of the most classy and stylish woman who ever lived!

1. Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy was a 36A

 Jacqueline was a 36A.

If you are a 36A and ever wonder if you were alone, don’t worry–you share a similar body type to one of the most fashionable women who ever lived.

You can’t change your body, but you can always change your style.

One of the great things about Jackie was that she always made her style unique, and her shift dresses and oversized sunglasses remain fashion staples to this day.

2. Embracing Your Unique 36 A Cup


Even though 36A was a difficult size to find a fit, Mrs. Kennedy refused to let that get in the way of looking fabulous at every occasion. She’s remembered for her flattering shift dresses and her fabulous oversized sunglasses.

A 36A can be a difficult size. Here’s what the New York Times had to say about it:

A more snug band size — going from, say, a 34 to a 32 — increases the width and depth of the cup. Simply put, a woman who wears a 36A is also likely to fit into a 34B or a 32C.

3. Being Remembered for Being Classy



It’s difficult to change your body, and probably not the best if it’s anything drastic–but you can change your style.

With a smaller bust, it’s easier to change into different clothes and because you are blessed with a more versatile body, you’ll be able to take on different personas through your clothing and actually become more interesting.

For larger busted women, their complaint is that they can’t dress in plunging necklines without looking too provocative. But, with the smaller busted woman, what she isn’t endowed with is instead replaced with freedom. The freedom to look classy or sexy, the freedom to go with a bra or without.

As a small busted lady, you should never feel alone–almost all the style icons were just like you, and because they worked for something and developed something about their style, they became known to work with their god given bodies, accepted it, and developed a style on their own–their feminine graces and their effortless style, all in an elegant small busted package.