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On a daily basis, we at Lula Lu, hear from women who have struggled with finding the perfect fitting bra because of their small cup size.   It has caused us to wonder, “Do all small busted women, regardless of country, run into the same problems?”

So we decided to speak with Anna Christina Rau of Kleine Körbchen, a petite lingerie website based in Germany, and we have come to appreciate that bra issues for petite women are truly universal.  We asked Anna a series of questions pertaining to her everyday customer, issues they may have and how German women deal with body image.  Read on to find out what we all have in common, regardless of geography.

Anna Christina Rau of Kleine Körbchen

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Lula Lu:  Describe your typical customer.

Anna:  My typical customers are women, who are highly frustrated with her usual bra shopping options and experiences.  Also, the lack of past bra shopping options leaves many customers quite unsure about her correct bra size.  That is why they would contact me for further guidance to find the best fitting size.  The most popular sizes with my customers are the three sizes 34AAA (German: 75AAA), 36AAA (= 80AAA), and 36AA (=80AA).


 Lula Lu:  Do you feel that German women are generally happy with their breasts and do you feel that there is an emphasis on big breasts in the media like in the U.S?

Anna:  Generally speaking, most women are happy with their breasts the way they are.  As we are talking about women, unfortunately many women do have at least one part of their body they tend to not like. The breasts are too small … or too big, the legs are too short … the belly not flat enough… and so on…

Most of my customers seem to be quite ok with their breast size.  What they are not happy with, are the options to buy beautiful lingerie!  This you can also notice by having a look at the styles that sell best. The most favorite styles are the lightly padded styles, like Lula Lu’s Amara Balconette Bra. For those few women who are looking for the little bit of extra boost or want to hide their true size, I have an extra firm push-up bra in stock,  that does give you a bit of an extra shape.

 I would say the emphasis in general is not so much focused on only breasts, but the overall appearance. But who does seem to ignore small breasts completely and therefore has probably the most (negative) impact on petite women is the fashion industry.  Their ignorance of the fact that there are grown-up women with band width of 34 or more, but a cup size of A and smaller, causes more than that we simply cannot buy bras.  At times you can even feel humiliated; you have a beautiful body, but just because your breasts are not the adequate size you are not “allowed” to buy beautiful lingerie.

I had times when going out shopping with a friend, when I had a hard time maneuvering her past the lingerie department of the stores without her noticing. It is just such a very frustrating feeling seeing all the beautiful lingerie and knowing that it will never ever fit, and there is nothing you can do about it.


Lula Lu:  What are your customer’s biggest frustrations when shopping for bras?

Anna:  I suppose the biggest frustrations here in Germany are probably the same as in the U.S. The biggest frustration is probably that you simply cannot go shopping for bras when you are petite.  As far as I know “Kleine Körbchen” is the only (web-) shop in Germany where you can buy AAA-sized bras.

If you should go out shopping for bras, you should never ask a sales assistant for help.  Because most certainly, after having scanned your body compassionately, she will wish you good luck and send you over to the kids department, which is not helpful at all.  Not just that most grown-up women would not like “Mickey Mouse” on their bras, the band width of the kids bras would not fit most petite women either.  And this will make you end the bra shopping if not humiliated, then at least frustrated.

Then there is the other kind of sales assistant, who, after nodding understandingly, will hand you a 36 B cup (the smallest they have got in that band width).  She will then start explaining that the cup might be slightly too large but as the bra is of good and firm quality that should be absolutely no issue.  This again will leave you frustrated, still not owning a good fitting and beautiful bra.


Lula Lu:  How do your customers feel when they find a bra size that fits correctly?

Anna:  Especially the customers who buy the rare sizes like the AAA and the 85AA bras, are very happy, relieved and very, very grateful after having found our store. Very often I receive prompt positive feedback, when a new customer has received her order of AAA-sized bras. And usually they are happily surprised that the quest of finding a fitting and beautiful bra has finally come to an end.


Lula Lu:  Do you have a memorable customer story that you think our readers would enjoy hearing about?

Anna:  Actually I have many, many very lovable stories and I would like to thank my customers for making the work on this webshop so much fun every day!

Just the other day I received an email from a customer, who was actually searching the web for information on breast implants, when she found my shop. She ordered a couple of bras and after fitting them on, she send an email, telling us how grateful she was, finding our shop and that we saved her literally from the knife.

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Before reaching out to Anna, we did not realize that so many small-busted women all over the world shared the same bra fitting issues.  In a way, it is comforting to know that we all share similar emotional struggles and the same small bra shopping difficulties.   Every woman wants to feel beautiful and should be entitled to the same gorgeous lingerie as our bigger busted sisters.

We’d like to extend a great big thank you to Anna and Kleine Körbchen for giving us an inside look at the German woman’s petite lingerie perspective!