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Continuing with our ‘Stories from the Fitting Room’ series we find out how Julie went from a 32C to a 32AAA and is very happy about it, thank you very much!

We’re constantly surprised and fascinated to hear from our customers about their experiences and feelings with regard to their small breasts. So when Julie came to the Lula Lu fitting room searching for a bra and told us about what she had experienced and the affect it had on her, we felt compelled to share her story with you.

We met Julie, a trim and athletic 49 year old mother of three, a short while ago at the Lula Lu Store after she had had her implants removed. She was on a mission to find a bra that fit her properly after becoming tired of making do with ill fitting bras that were really too big for her petite chest.

While nursing, Julie’s bra size had increased from a 32B to a 32C, but then after nursing she dropped down to a 32AA. Not comfortable with this change in size, Julie made the decision to have breast implants to bring her bust size back to her original 32B.

strapless AAA bra        racerback AAA bra

However, 12 years later she came to the conclusion that the implants just didn’t feel like they were “her” and so had her implants removed. She explained how much happier she felt afterwards, even though her breast size had gone down to a 32AAA. She was really excited that she could now feel the fabric of the bras against her skin and thoroughly enjoyed her bra fitting experience with us. She told us how thrilled she was that she’d finally found bras that not only fit her properly but looked good too.  Julie fit the Strapless, Racerback, Lightly Padded Push-up and Kira bras all perfectly, in a 32AAA, and decided to treat herself to all of these styles, leaving the store a very happy lady.

padded AAA bra        push-up AAA bra

We found it so interesting to hear how Julie’s perception of her body changed over time and that her journey eventually led her to feel completely happy with her small bust size.