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After last weeks post we realised how, at Lula Lu, we’re frequently asked many of the same questions time and again by our customers.  I figured if even just a handful of you were having these issues, then there must be many more of you out there.  So, we’re starting a new series of posts where I will attempt to provide some helpful information to assist you in the bra shopping minefield that you may find yourself.
Bra Shopping 101 for Small Busted Women
We’re often asked ‘Is this bra style true to size?’  I know the question is important because everyone needs a point of reference for sizing, especially when shopping online, but, unfortunately, there isn’t a straight answer.  Mainly, it is nearly impossible to define what is “true” to a particular size as, depending on the brand, the design, the fabrication and, most importantly, the opinion of the wearer (i.e. what a customer perceives as a product being true to their size), the “true to size” designation is a moving target and will vary, even with people wearing the same size.
We always tell customers that bra shopping is like shopping for jeans. Depending on the cut and brand, you may find yourself wearing one size in one brand and a completely different size in another brand. Sometimes you may even wear different sizes within the same brand. It’s much the same with bras, this can happen for a number of reasons.
  • You may be on the cusp of a larger cup size. For example, if you’re a large 34AA, when you wear a very padded push-up bra the cups may cut into your breasts because of the extra padding so a 34A is likely to fit better.
  • All bras are made from different fabrics. An unforgiving fabric in the band could mean that you have to go up a band size and consequently down a cup size so that you are comfortable.  An overly stretchy fabric may mean you have to go down a band size and up a cup size.
    • Every bra has a different cut. Depending on how you are built, some bra styles may fit your breasts perfectly but others may require you to try another size.
    push-up bra for small breasts demi cup bra for small breasts padded demi cup bra for small breasts
    I wish I could tell women, for example, “Yes, you will definitely fit this bra style if you are a size 32AA” to alleviate shopping angst, especially online shopping angst, but, as you can see, sizing is not a straightforward question.  What is most important is to know what you should be looking for in a well fitting bra.  Plus, it’s best to find a bra that fits your body well than to focus on the size as the size can be a bit of a moving target, just like in regular clothing. Be open to trying a number of different sizes and styles to find something that works best for your body shape.