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There are several misconceptions about bras circulating out there that many people believe. Therefore, we’d like to bust, so to speak, some of the most common myths about bras so our readers know the truth. Without further ado, here are five of the most important things every woman should know about the common brassiere.

Myth 1: You Should Wear a Bra When You Sleep At Night

False. Some women think that wearing a bra while sleeping at night will help keep their breasts perky. However, this is simply a myth. Not only is it much more comfortable at night to go bra-less, but the muscles supporting the breasts will not stretch out when you’re asleep without wearing a bra.

Myth 2: Tossing Your Bra in the Washing Machine Will Not Wear Out Your Bra

False. Washing your bra by hand is much gentler than machine washing as hand washing helps your bra maintain its shape wherein it will last longer. Plus, hand washing helps ensure that the most sensitive parts of bras like foam cups and underwires are not distorted. Additionally, hand-washing ensures that hook-and-eye closures won’t snag on other items being washed with bras to either damage those items or the bra closures themselves. Hand washing will also keep straps from fraying and help prevent lace and embroidery from tearing.

Myth 3: You Should Wear the Same Bra Every Day of the Week

False. It’s always best to rotate the bras you wear as wearing the same bra day in and day out will wear the bra out faster. The elastic in the band will get stretched out quickly when a bra is worn every day which means before long, it just won’t fit as well. And, since different bras have different pressure and rubbing points, rotating your bras will help reduced prolonged discomfort.

Myth 4: Hooks on the Bra Are Intended to Be Used to Adjust As the Bra Becomes Looser Over Time

True. Experts recommend starting on the loosest set of hooks when wearing a new bra. Then, as the bra is worn and the band loses some elasticity, you have the option of tightening the bra by fastening it with the extra sets of hooks on the band. Starting on the loosest set of hooks will also help ensure that you get months more wear out of a bra.