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During pregnancy, your belly usually takes center stage, but your breasts deserve some love and attention for all the change they are undergoing too. Hormones are nothing to mess with, and before you’ve even missed a period, your breasts are undergoing major changes to prepare them for this next stage.

Whether you plan on breastfeeding or not, your breasts will prepare themselves for nourishing your baby. For the entire time you are pregnant, your breasts will undergo changes with some being subtle and others very obvious. If you are only nursing your new baby and not using any formula, your breasts will be larger than normal for a few months following your baby’s birth. Your breasts actually increase and decrease in size according to feedings wherein they’re fuller before a feeding and smaller after feedings.

Dealing with Breast Shrinkage

During nursing, the lactating cells replace the fat cells that are in your breasts. But once your baby begins eating on his/her own between four and six months of age, your breasts will become smaller as the lactating cells shrink and are not replaced again by fat cells. Another reason your breasts shrink after nursing is because your child no longer needs as much breast milk as in the beginning.

When your breasts shrink, there will be less tissue at the top of your breasts and more of your breast tissue will sit lower. Your breasts may also begin to sit lower after you’re finished nursing. Once your baby is weaned, it’s a good idea to buy a couple of interim bras in the size you need and then wear one while the other is in the wash until your breasts stop changing in size and shape. If you are petite or small, look for padded bras that provide you with the lift you need.

Many women find that demi cups are a good choice for dealing with breasts that sit lower following breastfeeding or a cup style that doesn’t rise too high on the chest. For example, a Lula Lu T-shirt bra with a lower cup would be a better choice than a bra with a triangle cup where the cup covers more of the body.

Bra Importance Post-Nursing

Your breasts have never needed more tender loving care than after giving birth and nursing your baby. Treat them right and give them the comfort, support and protection they need with a soft, comfortable and supportive Lula Lu bra.