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For those of you with a 38 band and AAA, AA or A cups, it can be extremely difficult to find any styles, basic or otherwise, in your size in stores or even online. The main reason is the assumption by many bra manufacturers that when the band size goes up so does the cup size so many 38 band bras start at a 38B. However, as we all know so well, our bodies, especially as it relates to bras, do not always follow a pre-set formula for sizing.

At Lula Lu, we’ve found this particular assumption about a higher band size equating to more breast tissue to be incorrect, at least for our customers. As we met more and more 38 band customers over the years who needed a AAA, AA or A cup bra, we began adding the 38AA and 38A sizes to our Lula Lu Petites product assortment. And, earlier this year, we introduced the 38AAA cups in specific styles and found it to be very well-received so we plan to continue to add 38AAA’s to upcoming styles.

Some of our most popular styles for 38 band customers are our non-underwire styles, including the

We also offer lace styles, such as the Kira in 38AA.

As we add new styles, we’ll be adding more 38 band sizes in a variety of styles. If you don’t see what you need now, please check back with us!