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Lula Lu sells a wide assortment of lingerie for petite women ranging from petite bras to swimwear for small-busted women and much more. Among our broad range of products are panties for women that come in many different styles. While it’s great to have such a vast selection of cuts, rises and styles to choose from in women’s panties, we understand that it can be difficult to know the benefits of each type of panty and what to wear them with.  Therefore, we will discuss here the various panty styles along with their features, benefits and what they can be worn with.


If comfort is important to you, briefs are always a great choice in panties. Traditional briefs offer full coverage in the front and back and the waistband sits just above the waistline. Because briefs feature a high waistband, you should avoid this style when wearing low-rise pants. Otherwise, briefs can be worn with practically anything including jeans, dresses and skirts.


Boyshorts are a relatively new choice in women’s panties that have become very popular because of their unique style and fit. Boyshorts are a great choice if panty lines are an issue for you. Boyshorts are full-coverage panties featuring a low-rise waistline. The leg openings extend a few inches below the widest part of the hip or just about the mid-thigh. Boyshorts sit low on the waist to bring more visual length to the torso. Boyshorts can be worn under jeans, skirts and dresses. When buying boyshorts, choose pairs that fit snugly to avoid sagging.

Bikini Panties

Low-rise bikini panties are the panties of choice for many women. Bikinis can be worn daily under jeans, pants and skirts. These panties are comfortable and flattering for women of many shapes and sizes. Bikini panties provide full coverage in the back and have leg openings that are cut above the thigh. The low-cut of these panties make them ideal for wearing with today’s low-rise pants & jeans.



Many women enjoy the minimal design of thongs because these panties won’t bunch or ride up like full-bottomed panties nor will they show panty lines. Thongs are perfect to wear with polyester slacks, skirts or dresses because polyester is notorious for showing panty lines. It’s always wise to have a few pairs of thongs on hand for those times you’re wearing something you know will show panty lines like tight jeans.

Lula Lu carries an extensive line of quality lingerie for petite women. If you need any assistance in choosing petite panties, don’t hesitate to contact us as we’re always happy to lend a helping hand!