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If you’re concerned that your strapless bra may slip at a very inconvenient time or you plan on wearing something very slinky and sheer, an adhesive bra, which uses medical grade adhesive, may provide you with the ideal solution. Adhesive bras feature seamless adhesive surfaces that contour to your shape to provide you just the right amount of coverage you need.

The advantages of adhesive bras are that they don’t reveal any bra line when worn under tight-fitting or revealing clothing. And they are easy to put on as there are no straps to adjust. Among the broad range of petite lingerie offered by Lula Lu are several types of adhesive bras that are ideal for smaller breasted women who don’t require as much support as women with larger busts. There are several adhesive bra options available to women including:

Breast Petals and Extreme Gel Petals

These “petals” are thin, small adhesives that can be worn with or without a bra under a T-shirt, sweater or eveningwear and mostly cover your nipples. Breast petals and extreme gel petals are ideal to wear with strapless and backless dresses and anytime you need just the right amount of coverage without needing support.  The reusable kind is made of thin silicone and can be washed and reworn multiple times.

Nubra Adhesive Bra

A Nubra adhesive bra is a strapless and backless adhesive bra that can be worn dozens of times with proper care. This bra features comfortable silicone cups that stay secure and which will increase cup size to make you appear fuller. The Nubra adhesive bra features a front closure that can provide extra cleavage and lift.

Nubra Ultralite

The Nubra Ultralite adhesive bra features molded foam cups that can be worn with strapless and backless tops and dresses as well as with sheer tops and halter tops. Unlike the regular Nubra, the Ultralite does not add a cup size. The Nubra Ultralite’s self-adhesive cups can be gently washed and reused.


The Bragel seamless, push up adhesive bra is virtually invisible when worn under fitted tops and dresses. The cups are made of light foam and feature push-up padding to give you an added bit of lift of about ½ cup size. The center closure can be used to increase cleavage even more if desired. This bra can be worn in place of a strapless bra, making it perfect for backless tops and dresses.

Adhesive bras are comfortable to wear and will provide you with a very natural look without revealing what’s underneath. Wearing sheer, backless or strapless tops and dresses is never a problem when you have an adhesive bra. Lula Lu is proud to include adhesive bras in our wide assortment of high quality petite lingerie.