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Regardless of the quality, all bras wear out sooner or later as no bra is designed to last forever. One of the main things women complain about when it comes to bras is that bras tend to stretch out quickly and then no longer fits correctly. Women wearing small bra sizes complain about bra stretching just as much as women wearing larger sizes as this is universal problem common among women of all sizes. Here are a few tips that can prevent bras from stretching too quickly so you can get more life out of your bras.

Hand Wash Your Bras

It is always best to hand wash bras in cold or warm water as it’s far more gentle than machine-washing to help bras keep their shape and last longer. Never use hot water when washing a bra as the high temperature will stretch the elastic. Use lukewarm water instead along with a lingerie wash. And instead of scrubbing vigorously, simply ‘pump’ the bra up and down in the water to loosen soil. Then rinse the bra in cool water, gently squeeze away the excess water and hang on a hanger to air dry. Bras should never be dried in dryers as hot temperatures wreak havoc on the elastic.

Use a Lingerie Bag

If you insist on washing your bras in a washing machine, you should set your machine to a cold or warm temperature and place your bras inside a lingerie bag before washing. Bras that are just tossed into the washing machine almost always end up with their straps and bands all tangled up with the other clothing, which will often stretch the bra out of shape.

Wear an Exercise Bra

Many women make the mistake of wearing regular bras when exercising. Our bodies are approximately 100 degrees and most bras are nearly 100% elastic. This is a bad combination as elastic and heat don’t go together. When you exercise in a regular bra, the bra will stretch out quickly from your body heat and the moisture on your skin from perspiration. Whatever type of exercise you do be it yoga, jogging or hitting the gym, leave your regular bra at home and wear an exercise bra instead. There are many exercise bras available in small bra sizes so find one you like and get into the practice of wearing it whenever you plan on working up a good sweat.

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