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Many small busted women do not think they need a sports bra because they don’t have large breasts. Some petite women don’t buy sports bras because they don’t want their chests to appear flattened. Others simply don’t think it’s necessary to spend money on a special sports bra that they’re just going to sweat in. However, it is very important for small busted women to wear sports bras and here are five good reasons why.

It’s Much More Comfortable

A sports bra is much more comfortable to wear when exercising than a regular bra. Plus, sports bras often are made of soft, moisture-wicking materials and wider bands and straps which all add up to a very comfortable fit. Additionally, a sports bra is designed to limit bouncing so your breasts will feel more comfortable and less painful when working out.sports bra

Less Slippage

Most sports bras come with criss-cross or racerback straps which are designed to stay in place. This means you won’t experience as much strap slippage when exercising. Instead of constantly having to stop to adjust your straps, you can simply continue exercising comfortably.

The Lack of Support Can Damage the Breasts

Breasts are made up of primarily mammary glands and fatty tissue and are supported by ligaments and skin. If the breasts are not supported when exercising, they can suffer permanent damage as the ligaments and skin become stretched. And there is no way to “unstretch” breasts beside surgery.

Can Lead to Upper Back & Shoulder Pain

When your breasts are not supported properly while exercising, you can develop pain in your upper back and shoulders. This is caused by the connective tissues & muscles sustaining damage over time. This pertains to even the smallest sizes as all breasts should be supported during exercise and especially when doing high-impact workouts.

Saves Your Everyday Bras

Exercise causes extra wear and tear on your bras. Your perspiration breaks down the elastic which is primarily what bras are made of to quickly ruin a good bra. And because you sweat when exercising, the bra you wear needs to be washed more frequently, typically after every wear.