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Summertime means more time spent in the sun, surf and sand! To ensure you’re ready for the beach this summer, it’s important that you have all the essential items you’ll need to make the most of the time you spend outdoors. Here are a few “must-haves” to get you ready for spending time on the beach this summer.

A Quality Beach Towel

It’s important to take along a good quality beach towel that’s durable, absorbent and of course good looking!  Instead of heading to the local dollar store to buy the cheapest towel you can find, plan on spending $20 or more on a large, good quality towel that you can sprawl out on.

Suntan Lotion

One of the reasons you’re probably at the beach is to get a summer tan! So don’t forget to take along a good quality suntan lotion. Be sure to reapply it often as even the best lotion wears off while spending time in the sun and water.

A Good Book

Even if you’re heading to the beach with friends, take along a good book. There’s just something about the beach that calls for some alone time. There’s no better feeling than burying your toes in the sand while reading a great paperback!

The Right Petite Swimsuit

Last but certainly not least, it’s super important to wear a nice looking, comfortable swimsuit. When it comes to small busted swimsuits, there are many flattering designs to choose from. Small busted women who wish to draw attention to their curves and shape, should consider petite swimsuits with plunging necklines. A halter neck swimsuit with a padded, push-up bikini top does a great job of pulling everything inward to create more cleavage while enhancing the shape of your breasts. One-piece petite swimsuits are great for small-busted women who don’t wish to show so much skin. Lula Lu is proud to offer several small busted swimsuits which you can see here.