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At Lula Lu, we are dedicated to celebrating the beauty of every body, and we believe that petite women deserve to have a bra that fits them comfortably and helps them feel confident in any situation. You can think of us as your personal bra shoppers and consultants, as we’ll work with you to help you select a bra style and size that fits your body and your fashion sense. But in addition to helping you choose the perfect bra, we also want to help you learn more about bras – and underwires are a crucial thing to understand.

All About Underwires

Simply put, underwires are nylon-covered wires sewn into the fabric of a bra that sit underneath the breast, providing a foundation that lifts and supports the breast. The wire lies flat against the curve of the breast and is designed to loosely trace the breast root, which is the line along which the bottom of the breast connects with the chest. The underwire is designed to be thinner than the actual breast root, but when inserted into the fabric of a bra and worn across the chest, the wire is stretched out to the sides, effectively lifting the breast from the bottom and reducing the strain on the straps of the bra for support.

3 Categories of Underwire

At their most basic level, underwires are there to provide support without putting too much pressure on the shoulders. Over the years, however, different varieties of underwires have been developed to achieve different shapes, looks, and levels of support. Most underwires fall into three main categories:

  • Daybra Wire: This is what you’ll find in most every day bras. Shaped something like a “J”, these are designed to provide ample support without creating any painful pressure points.
  • Plunge Wire: Commonly used in push-up bras, plunge wires are shaped into a shallower curve that pushes the breast up and to the center, enhancing the appearance of cleavage and allowing for a deeper neckline.
  • Strapless: Because strapless bras can’t rely on the shoulders for support, strapless underwires are designed in a fuller “U” shape that more fully encircles the breast, providing all-around support.

Which Bra Type is Right for You?

As is the case with all things fashion and body-related, there is no type of bra is “better” than any other – it all depends on what suits your unique body. Some women may find a plunge wire bra perfect for them while others will find it irritating, and even within the categories of bra types, there are endless variations to suit different body types and shapes. At Lula Lu, we’re committed to helping our customers find a bra that offers the perfect fit, level of support, and appearance, giving them both the comfort and the confidence they need to feel great in any situation. The main thing is to be open when choosing a bra style and willing to try out different types as you learn more about what suits your body.

Contact Your Source for Petite Bras & Lingerie

We hope you’ve found this blog post informative, and if you still have questions about picking the right bra style for yourself, we’re happy to help. We’re proud to serve petite women of all shapes and sizes, and we’ll work with you to suggest the perfect bra style and fit for your unique body. Feel free to browse our extensive category of petite bras and undergarments, or if you have any questions on style and fit, you can always reach out to us at our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope to help you find a bra that lets you feel comfortable and confident in every situation!