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It’s happened to all of us. You have your favorite bra – either because it’s comfortable, it looks great on you, or you just love the fabric and design – which serves you faithfully for months and months, until one day you see something you’d never noticed before: Creases! Creases or wrinkles in the bra cup are all too common, and unfortunately, all too irritating. They rarely come out in the wash and, if you put your bra in the dryer, the heat will further set the creases. Sometimes it seems like your favorite bra may be doomed because of them. But have no fear: if you know a couple of tricks, you can smooth out those wrinkles and keep your bra in service for a long time to come.

Two Simple Ways to Fix Bra Cup Wrinkles

There are two primary methods for dealing with bra cup creases, and which you use will depend on the type of bra and what fabric it uses.

The first is to simply use a steamer. If you have or can rent a fabric steamer, you can use it to pop out the creases and reshape the bra cup, effectively eliminating those pesky wrinkles. If you have access to a steamer, this method is hugely convenient. However, for many of us, a fabric steamer isn’t easy to come by – and some bra fabrics can’t handle the high heat of the steam. Never use an iron though as the heat of the iron will be too much for all bra fabrics!

The other option is a little more labor intensive, but it’s easy and works for almost any bra. In this method, just fill your sink with water and let your bra sit until it’s soaked through. Then, use your hands to gently press (do not crumple the cups to squeeze out the water) the water out of the cups and reshape the bra cup, tugging out and smoothing the wrinkles until it is back into your familiar favorite shape. Hang the bra on a hanger and let the bra air dry. Voila! Just like new.

Contact Your Source for Petite Bras & Lingerie

Few things are as satisfying as fixing up your favorite bra – save, perhaps, getting a new favorite bra! At Lula Lu, we’re proud to make designer petite bras and lingerie that’s guaranteed to make you look and feel incredible no matter what the situation. We truly believe that small is beautiful, and we take the time to work with customers to help them select the perfect bra for their fit. If you have any more questions on bra care or want to learn more about our offerings, we encourage you to reach out to us at our contact page or check out our full line of petite bras and lingerie. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we hope to see you back at this blog for more tips on keeping your wardrobe looking and feeling great!