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Finding that one bra that fits you perfectly feels like a dream come true. Unfortunately, over time, every perfect bra is going to transform into a not-so-perfect bra, meaning it’s time to get a new one. Even if you’re attached to that older bra, you’ll thank yourself when you are once again united with a perfectly fitting bra. So how do you know when the right time to get a new bra is exactly? Well, your friends here at Lula Lu have put together this guide for you about the top five signs that you need a new bra.

Top Five Signs You Need A New Bra

1. The Spillover

This isn’t a problem that’s just for big busted women. Even those will smaller breasts can have a bra that’s so tight that it’s causes spillover. Don’t look for spillover only on the top, but on the sides and bottom too. Unless your bra fits perfectly without squeezing your chest, you’re not getting the right fit that you need, not to mention that you’re most definitely less comfortable than you could be. Spillover is also aesthetically displeasing while wearing clingy clothes.

2. Wrinkled Bra Cups

When your cup is too big, the fabric tends to bunch up, sag, or become wrinkly and the foam cup may collapse, creating unsightly indentations. This especially causes a problem when you’re trying to wear some airy, lighter clothes where the shape of the bra shows through, creating a strange visual pattern through your top. This is a very common mistake if you have smaller breasts, and may not seem as a problem since you’re still getting the support you need without the bra being too tight, but trust us; getting a better fitting bra for your size will be more comfortable.

3. Straps Cut Into Your Skin

There are many different instances where your bra can cut into your skin, and it can point to different problems with your bra. First off, if you have the dreaded “back bulge”, you can rest easy knowing that it’s not fat and that your bra is just too tight, causing it to squeeze your skin. The simple solution of going up a size until you’re not having the life squeezed out of you is the way to go.

Now, if the bra straps on your shoulders are cutting into you, that’s a different story. It’s a common misconception that the dents on the shoulders is caused by your breasts being too heavy, meaning that this was usually a problem for bustier women. The fact of the matter is that this can happen to small breasted women as well, since it has nothing to do with the weight of the breasts, but instead the support that the bra is providing, meaning the elastic on your straps may have stretched out to the point that you have to tighten them too much so they stay up.. If your bra is digging into your shoulders, it’s time to get a new one.

4. That Wretched Underwire

This is a no brainer. If your bra is literally stabbing you, it’s time to ditch it. Underwire may provide support, but you can also find a number of alternatives that provide great support, feel comfortable, and don’t have any underwire at all. If you prefer underwire, at least make sure that you get a new bra that fits well to the point where the underwire isn’t poking anymore.

5. Special Tip For Smaller Busts

A very common problem that’s unique to those with smaller breasts and finding the right bra is the dreaded “boob gap,” where there’s extra space in the cup with a noticeable gap between your chest and the bra itself. In this case, you will most likely need to try smaller cup sizes or possibly different cup styles in the same size in order to find a bra that fits your breast shape and size.

Find The Perfect Bra At Lula Lu

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