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woman with an apple and pearAt Lula Lu, we take pride in creating beautiful bras, panties, and lingeries for petite and small-breasted women. But when shopping around and trying on different sizes and fittings of our petite lingeries, many of our customers run into a problem: their breasts aren’t the same size! While this may seem alarming at first, having one breast larger than the other is nothing to worry about – it’s completely normal, and trust us, you can still find a bra that fits perfectly and makes you feel proud of your body.  

Why is One of My Breasts Bigger than the Other?

While we may be led by the media to think that all breasts are created to identical specifications, this is far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that it’s exceedingly rare to have truly symmetrical breasts, and virtually all women have one breast that’s a little bigger than her sister. Scientists don’t have a concrete reason for why this is, but for the most part, we can probably chalk it up to good old genetic variation. People just aren’t as perfect and symmetrical as we sometimes think they are!

How to Shop for Petite Bras with Lopsided Breasts

For the most part, having unevenly sized breasts won’t cause any problems when bra shopping. Often, the difference in size is so small that it doesn’t make a difference in which bra you choose. However, if one side is a half size or full size bigger than the other, just buy for the larger breast. Even for petite-breasted women, buying a bra that’s too small for one size can cause the cup to dig into the bigger breast, making for an uncomfortable fit and an unattractive shape under clothing that may cause you to spill out the top of the cup.

If your smaller breast is having trouble filling out the cup, try tightening the strap on that side to close the gap – just be sure not to tighten it so much that it digs into your shoulders all day and causes irritation. If you’re still having a problem, try getting a bra with removable cookies. You can remove the cookie on the bigger side to account for the imbalance, and if that’s not enough, try doubling up cookies on the smaller side. This usually does the trick and provides a comfortable, attractive fit for your petite bra.

Shop Petite Lingerie, Bras, & Panties from Lula Lu!

Ok, now you know how to find the perfect bra for your beautifully uneven petite breasts – so go find one! At Lula Lu, we take pride and care in creating designer-inspired lingerie to fit even the most petite women. Take a look at our full line to see find a fit that’s perfect for you, and if you still have questions about our petite bras and lingerie, feel free to reach out to us at our contact page. We hope you enjoy the confidence of finding a bra that fits your body and shows you just how true our slogan is: Small is Beautiful!