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While pregnancy can be a difficult time for a woman, we at Lula Lu will always be here to help keep you educated on the changes your body will go through during this stage of your life. As you’re most likely familiar with, one of the major changes in your body that you’ll have to deal with is in regards to your breasts. While you may know about these changes, you may not exactly know how and why it happens.

So Why Does It Happen?

A woman’s breast size is determined by the amount of fatty tissue in her breasts.. During pregnancy, a woman’s body builds up additional dense breast tissue in order to make milk and be able to feed her baby. This will cause the breast shape to change and the breast skin and tissue to stretch out. It’s not uncommon for a woman’s breasts to increase a few sizes during this time. Even a woman with small or petite breasts can find herself with a relatively larger breast size. After pregnancy and when the breastfeeding stops, the extra breast fat that was accumulated during pregnancy goes away – essentially because the baby drank it all up and caused the milk ducts to dry out! This can leave some women with a more stretched out look to their breasts as their breasts typically return back to their normal size.

Will Nursing Cause My Breasts to Sag Then?

Not necessarily. While yes, in many cases, a woman is left with her pre-pregnancy-sized breasts that are covered with stretched-out skin (due to the increase in breast size during pregnancy), nursing isn’t definitively the culprit. Some may swear that nursing is to blame, but there are still many other factors that come into play as to why a woman’s breasts may begin to sag after breastfeeding. This can include genetics, skin elasticity, age, weight gain during pregnancy, and simply just the act of being pregnant itself can cause a woman’s breasts to sag a bit more.

It’s important for us to also note that each breast acts independently from the other. One breast may be affected more by the pregnancy and nursing, while the other is relatively unaffected. This may cause a more asymmetrical look for a woman’s breasts.

Will My Breasts Shrink After Nursing?

You may be familiar with someone (or many people!) who have had their breasts shrink a cup size or two after pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, there’s no set rule as to whom this will apply to. Some women’s breasts will go back to the same size as they were during pre-pregnancy, others will get smaller, while others may stay larger. There’s really no way to predict the changes a woman’s breasts will make during this time.

Will I Have to Throw Away My Old Bras?

Not necessarily. As we mentioned, there’s really no way to predict the changes that will occur to a woman’s breasts during pregnancy. Many women’s breasts go back to their natural size after pregnancy, though it may possibly take a lengthier period of time for your breasts to do the same, which is why you’ll want to hang onto your older bras and keep them as long as you normally do.

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