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Have you found that your bra doesn’t protect you when you’re bending down? If your bra is not clinging to you properly and securing your breasts in place, it’s no wonder you feel insecure reaching for items! To be blunt, the answer is simple: your bra doesn’t fit. Having a properly-fitted bra is critical to looking your best and impacts both appearance and self-confidence. Our line of petite bras are made to fit and flatter women who wear AAA, AA, or A cups. At Lula Lu, we truly believe that small is beautiful – which is why we’ve specialized in creating a line of petite bras, panties, and other clothing designed specifically for petite and small-breasted women.

One of the most common problems small-breasted women experience with bras is gapping cups – the irritating, unsightly problem where the cup of the bra either does not sit flush with your breast tissue, which technically it should, or the top of the cup opens up as you move around. This can cause a host of uncomfortable or embarrassing problems, and it is all due to a cup that is too big or does not fit your breast shape well.

What Causes Gapping Cups?

In a bra that fits you and your breasts properly, the cups should be gently touching your breast tissue (not smashing it down as that would indicate the cups were too small) and you should not feel any space between your breasts and the fabric on the inside of the cups, especially at the top of the cup. One test we use while doing a fitting is to see if the customer is able to pinch together a small portion of the bra cups in different areas of the bra without pinching themselves. If they are able to pinch the fabric together without pinching themselves then that is an indication that there is space in the cups and that they are too deep.

You Deserve Better Than Gapping Cups

Most, if not all, of our customers who are wearing bras with cups that are too big are often very much aware of this, but they struggle with finding any bra at all that will fit them and often have settled for what they can find, even if it means wearing a cup that is too large for their breast size. Even though this is a fit issue, it seems what commonly results are emotions about our breasts as the gapping cups serve as a constant reminder that because our breasts are small, we have to settle for ill fitting bras and what comes with it. And, it is hard to feel good about our bodies if we are constantly reminded how it does not fit a physical standard that we cannot escape from as, not only are we wearing literally wearing a constant reminder, but we are visually exposed on a daily basis to what the media conceives as the ideal bust size. In addition, there can be functional issues that occur when the cups gap, such as feeling everyone can see down your shirt when you bend over to pick up your child at the playground to having a visibly dented cup under clothing, which is additionally embarrassing and is an outward reminder to others that your bras are too big (or, if you’re having a really bad day, that your breasts must be too small).

We’ve tried to literally close the gap with AAA and AA cups since these cup sizes are not readily available in the market, but many women need them for their bras to fit properly. We often tell customers that there is nothing wrong with their bodies (because truly there isn’t!) and that the bras they find in the general market just don’t fit their body type, which is the real problem.

Simply put, your deserve better than a bra that gaps: your bra should flatter you, compliment your breast and body shape, and most importantly, make you feel great with your clothes on or off.

Shop Petite Bras Online

At Lula Lu, we specialize in creating designer bras for petite and small-busted women – so no matter what your size, we make it easy to find a bra that fits great and doesn’t gap. Check out our full collection of petite bras online today to find a style and design you love, and know that when you buy from Lula Lu, you can buy with the confidence that every one of our bras has been designed with small-busted and petite women in mind. You deserve clothing that fits you right so you can live your life to the fullest – and at Lula Lu, we’re committed to making that happen.